Payments - get paid anytime you require

We provide bank wire transfer payments to any bank account in the world. A bank wire transfer takes between 1 and 3 working days, depending on your bank location and capabilities.
TIP: To speed up the bank transfer payments we recommend you to use bank account with IBAN.


We are ready to pay you any level of your minutes. However, if your turnover is below than 500 EUR/USD, we will send you the payment immediately after your email confirmation that you agree to process your payment  for 35 EUR bank transfer fees. You can also click on button "Request payment NOW" to process your payment anytime you need. Please note that limit for cash payments is 100 EUR/USD to be processed automatically.


Varied payment methods are available through local payment offices.
Please choose one of our payment agents and contact them for more details.

ASR-IT Office
Phone: +970599014491
Languages: ENG, AR
Note: BTC fees: 15 USD + commission fee charged by agent, XpressMoney, MoneyGram, Cebuana Lhuillier - not supported on FRIDAY, Cash payments supported in Egypt (Cairo), Iran, Pakistan (all cities), Palestine (Gaza) and Turkey (Istanbul)
Payment methods:

Buraq Information Technology Office
Skype: live:buraqinformationtechnology
Phone: +923234248484
Languages: ENG, Hindi, Urdu
Note: Payment services supported in Pakistan, NO fees for bank transfers through the office are deducted
Payment methods:

Saed Office
Skype: amer.saed20
Phone: +972599468158
Languages: ENG, AR
Payment methods: