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You can choose to create a company or a private account. The conditions are the same for both options. Please complete the registration form which is available on-line and your account will be activated immediately once you complete the form and click on activation link which will be sent to your registered email address.

There is no minimum and no maximum. We pay for every minute you deliver with no restrictions.

Guaranteed payments - World Premium Telecom plays a significant role in the international premium rate industry. With millions of minutes of monthly turnover, we can ensure our customers and resellers that they will always be paid on time.

Our terminations offer different billing periods - DAILY/ WEEKLY/ MONTHLY. You can find the billing terms for the specific terminations in our Price list published on the World Premium Telecom homepage. We pay you EVERY MONDAY for the minutes you delivered from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.

Payment method used:
Bank wire transfer or payments through agents of World Premium Telecom.

We provide payments to any bank account in the world.

A bank wire transfer takes between 1 and 3 working days. It depends on your bank location and capabilities.

We are ready to pay you any level of your minutes. If your revenue is below than 500 EUR/USD, we will send you the payment immediately after your email confirmation that you agree to process your payment for 35 EUR bank transfer fees. You can also click on button "Request payment NOW" to process your payment anytime you need. Please note that limit for cash payments is 100 EUR/USD to be processed automatically.

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Yes. We offer white label stats without branding. Your customers will have no connection to World Premium Telecom. Implement our online reports directly on your own website.

  • live reports on your own website
  • live calls and CDRs accessible from your homepage
  • build your own brand
  • our technology under your brand
  • not a technician? we can help you

Contact helpdesk@world-premium-telecom.com for easy set up.

Your rates can be negotiated with respect to volume and building a trusting relationship. We are also happy to provide you our BONUS invoicing.

Payout levels are based on volumes as follows:

Standard: 0 - 299,999 minutes per month on ALL WEEKLY terminations together
Silver: 300,000 - 499,999 minutes per month on ALL WEEKLY terminations together
Gold: 500,000 - 999,999 minutes per month on ALL WEEKLY terminations together
Platinum: over 1,000,000 minutes per month on ALL WEEKLY terminations together

Your payouts can increase rapidly with interesting volumes!

We can route your calls via VOIP to any IP in the world for FREE. Please contact us by email or skype to complete the setting for you.

We can host your IVR application for FREE on our platform. Just contact the helpdesk for set up and technical details.

Sign up and create sub-accounts for your customers online. You are able to manage your own premium number platform powered by our engine.

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Disclaimer: World Premium Telecom numbers can only be used for legitimate and genuine phone calls. No fraudulent use will be accepted. Fraudulent traffic will not be paid and will be regarded as a violation of the contractual terms, with all the legal consequences.

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370 412 02a
53 549 90b
252 409 00
1 473 507
370 372 54
32 480 7

Test number
383 441 3
383 438 1
216 501 11
216 504 7
222 241 2
222 499 9
213 670 53
383 490
1 869 460
St. Kitts
53 521 07
682 62
Cook Isl.
502 449 54

New Payout
992 990 11
0.04 EUR
678 321 2
0.2 USD
248 251
0.14 USD
248 258
0.14 USD

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